Chase Bank Massive Branch Closures – Full List

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Chase Bank has recently announced plans to close more branches across the United States. This decision adds to the 650 branches already shut down in the past five years. The bank aims to close at least 23 branches this year in several states, affecting communities across nine states.

List of Chase Bank Branch Closures

Here are some of the branches confirmed for closure:

  • California
    • 5060 Arlington Avenue, Riverside (March 7th)
    • 6950 Sunrise Boulevard, Citrus Heights (March 7th)
    • 7160 N. 1st Street, Fresno (March 14th)
    • 1030 W Alameda Avenue, Suite D-13, Burbank (April 4th)
    • 18499 Hesperian Blvd., San Lorenzo (May 14th)
    • 2201 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles (May 23rd)
  • Chicago, Illinois
    • 3856 W 26th Street (March 15th)
  • Colorado
    • 2251 South Monaco Parkway, Suite 102, Denver (March 7th)
  • Florida
    • 1319 State Road 7, North Lauderdale (March 7th)
    • 240 N. Washington Boulevard, Suite 100, Sarasota (March 22nd)
  • Michigan
    • 30730 Groesbeck Hwy., Roseville (March 7th, April 5th)
  • Nevada
    • 2865 E Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas (May 16th)
  • New York
    • 42 Broadway, New York (April 19th)
  • Illinois
    • 3101 West Cermak Road, Chicago (March 15th)
    • 5200 Dempster Street, Skokie (May 10th)
    • 4200 Dempster Street, Skokie (May 10th)
    • 50 Skokie Boulevard, Wilmette (May 10th)
  • Indiana
    • 7001 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis (March 15th)
    • 201 Main Street, Lafayette (May 16th)
  • Oregon
    • 10900 Se 21st Avenue, Milwaukie (March 1st)
  • Washington
    • 26603 72nd Avenue NW, Suite A, Stanwood (March 15th)

Why Are Banks Closing Branches?

Banks like Chase are closing branches due to the increasing popularity of online banking. More customers prefer banking through apps and websites, reducing the need for physical branches. This shift helps banks save money on rent and salaries, which they can invest in technology and improving services.

FAQs about Chase Bank Branch Closures

Why is Chase closing branches?

Chase is closing branches to adapt to more customers using online banking instead of visiting physical locations.

Will my local Chase branch close?

Check the list above to see if your branch is affected. Chase plans to close branches in multiple states.

Can I still bank with Chase if my branch closes?

Yes, you can still bank with Chase online, through their app, or at other nearby branches.

How will this affect customers who prefer in-person banking?

Customers who prefer in-person banking may need to travel farther to reach another branch or switch to online banking.

Is there help for customers who rely on branches for banking?

Chase offers customer support and assistance to help customers transition to online banking if needed.

While Chase Bank’s decision to close branches aims to streamline operations and invest in technology, it may inconvenience customers who prefer traditional banking methods. As more people embrace online banking, the future of physical bank branches remains uncertain.

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