Big Changes Coming to Costco: Here’s How Membership Fees Could Increase

Amelia Ross
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Costco has recently experienced significant changes in its leadership team, with Richard Galanti retiring as CFO and Ron Vachris stepping into the CEO role from his previous position as COO. This shift has led many to wonder how the new team will handle the company’s operations and communication, especially during their quarterly earnings calls.

New Leadership, Same Approach

The first earnings call with the new leadership lineup, featuring CEO Ron Vachris and CFO Gary Millerchip, showed a commitment to maintaining the established practices of their predecessors. Vachris affirmed that Millerchip would lead the calls, much like Galanti did, ensuring continuity and consistency.

Discussion on Membership Fees

A hot topic during the call was the potential increase in membership fees. Under Galanti, these fees had not been raised for an unusually long period, though he acknowledged that an increase was due. Millerchip echoed Galanti’s cautious approach, emphasizing that while an increase is inevitable, the timing remains uncertain.

He stated, “We feel really good about membership renewal rates and the value we provide. It’s a matter of when, not if, we increase the fee. We’re still evaluating the right timing, especially given the current economic pressures.”

Membership Growth and Financial Performance

Despite economic challenges, Costco’s membership base continues to grow. Millerchip proudly shared that renewal rates remained high, with the U.S. and Canada at 93% and worldwide at 90.5%. The company’s revenue increased significantly, attributed to new memberships rather than fee hikes.

He reported, “At Q3 end, we had 74.5 million paid household members, up 7.8% from last year, and 133.9 million cardholders, up 7.4%. Executive memberships also grew, indicating strong customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

Costco’s new leadership team appears committed to maintaining the successful strategies of their predecessors while carefully considering any changes, such as membership fee increases. The company’s strong membership growth and financial performance highlight its resilience and the value it provides to its customers.


1. Who are the new leaders at Costco?

Ron Vachris is the new CEO, and Gary Millerchip is the new CFO, following the retirement of Richard Galanti.

2. Will Costco increase its membership fees?

An increase is likely, but the timing is still being evaluated.

3. How has Costco’s membership base changed recently?

The membership base has grown, with renewal rates remaining high and significant increases in both household and executive memberships.

4. What did the new CFO say about membership fees?

Gary Millerchip indicated that the company is evaluating the timing for a fee increase, ensuring it is done thoughtfully.

5. How has Costco’s revenue performed?

Costco’s revenue increased due to new memberships, reaching $1.123 billion, a 7.6% year-over-year growth.

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