Direct stimulus payment: Confirmed monthly payment of $500 for 18 months

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In the past few months, Harris County, Texas, announced a stimulus payment program to help residents cover basic needs and combat inflation. This program aimed to provide $500 monthly payments for 18 months to around 2,000 households through the Uplift Harris guaranteed income pilot. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted health and economic disparities in the community, leading Harris County to allocate $20.5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to address these issues and reduce poverty.

Despite being a wealthy area, Harris County has significant economic disparities, with over 16% of residents living in poverty. This situation affects families, overall well-being, and makes the region more vulnerable to future crises. Guaranteed income programs like Uplift Harris can empower communities by providing financial stability to struggling families, helping them avoid deeper poverty.

Eligibility and Selection Process

Stimulus Payment Requirements in Texas

To qualify for this program, participants must be from the ten most impoverished zip codes in Harris County and meet specific criteria set by the county’s Public Health’s ACCESS service delivery model. The selection process involved a lottery system to randomly choose participants from eligible households.

High Demand for Assistance

The program received a total of 82,000 applications, with 90% from predominantly Black or Hispanic households. However, only a small fraction, around 1,928 households, were expected to receive the $500 monthly payments. The recent lawsuit has put the program on hold, leaving the future of these payments uncertain.

Program Impact and Distribution

When Will Payments Begin? The stimulus payments were intended to assist with necessities such as housing, utilities, rent, food, transportation, and medical care. Over 18 months, $500 would be distributed to 2,000 households earning less than 200% of the federal poverty level. The goal was to reduce food poverty, housing instability, and income volatility while promoting self-sufficiency and overall health.

Tax-Free Benefits Eligible individuals were to receive their first payment via prepaid debit card or bank transfer in April 2024. Importantly, these payments would not be considered taxable income and would not affect current public benefits.

Current Status and Future Outlook

Unfortunately, due to a recent lawsuit, the program is currently suspended. Qualified applicants now await the resolution of this legal issue to determine if they can receive the promised assistance. The outcome of this case will impact thousands of Texans who rely on this financial support to make ends meet.


1. Who qualifies for the Harris County stimulus payment?

Households in the ten most impoverished zip codes with an income below 200% of the federal poverty level.

2. How much will each household receive?

Each household will receive $500 monthly for 18 months.

3. When will the payments start?

Payments were scheduled to begin in April 2024 but are currently on hold due to a lawsuit.

4. Will the stimulus payments affect my taxes or other benefits?

No, the payments are tax-free and will not affect other public benefits.

5. How were participants selected for the program?

Participants were selected randomly through a lottery system from eligible households.

Harris County’s stimulus payment program aimed to provide essential financial support to struggling families, helping them cover basic needs and improve their quality of life. The future of this program now depends on the resolution of the ongoing lawsuit. If successful, it could make a significant difference for many residents, reducing poverty and promoting stability.

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