Complete schedule of all SNAP benefits in July – Exact EBT card reload dates

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In the United States, millions of people face food insecurity, relying on SNAP benefits for essential support. Here’s what you need to know about these benefits and when they’re available.

What are SNAP Benefits?

SNAP, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, provides crucial aid to families experiencing food insecurity.

How Much Can You Receive?

The amount you receive depends on your household size. For example, a household of eight could receive up to $1,751 in SNAP benefits.

Full Payment Schedule for SNAP Benefits in July

Each state has its own schedule for distributing SNAP benefits. Here’s a breakdown for July:

  • Alabama: July 4th to 23rd
  • Alaska: July 1st
  • Arizona: July 1st to 13th
  • Arkansas: July 4th to 13th
  • California: July 1st to 10th
  • Colorado: July 1st to 10th
  • Connecticut: July 1st to 3rd
  • Delaware: July 2nd to 23rd
  • District of Columbia: July 1st to 10th
  • Florida: July 1st to 28th
  • Georgia: July 5th to 23rd
  • Hawaii: July 3rd to 5th
  • Idaho: July 1st to 10th
  • Illinois: July 1st to 10th
  • Indiana: July 5th to 23rd
  • Iowa: July 1st to 10th
  • Kansas: July 1st to 10th
  • Kentucky: July 1st to 19th
  • Louisiana: July 1st to 23rd
  • Maine: July 10th to 14th
  • Maryland: July 4th to 23rd
  • Massachusetts: July 1st to 14th
  • Michigan: July 3rd to 21st
  • Minnesota: July 4th to 13th
  • Mississippi: July 4th to 21st
  • Missouri: July 1st to 22nd
  • Montana: July 2nd to 6th
  • Nebraska: July 1st to 5th
  • Nevada: July 1st to 10th
  • New Hampshire: July 5th
  • New Jersey: July 1st to 5th
  • New Mexico: July 1st to 20th
  • New York: July 1st to 9th
  • North Carolina: July 3rd to 21st
  • North Dakota: July 1st
  • Ohio: July 2nd to 20th
  • Oklahoma: July 1st to 10th
  • Oregon: July 1st to 9th
  • Pennsylvania: July 3rd to 14th
  • Rhode Island: July 1st
  • South Carolina: July 1st to 10th
  • South Dakota: July 10th
  • Tennessee: July 1st to 20th
  • Texas: July 1st to 28th
  • Utah: July 5th, 11th, and 15th
  • Vermont: July 1st
  • Virginia: July 1st to 7th
  • Washington: July 1st to 20th
  • West Virginia: July 1st to 9th
  • Wisconsin: July 1st to 15th
  • Wyoming: July 1st to 4th

SNAP benefits provide vital assistance to many Americans. Understanding when these benefits are available can help families plan their expenses better.


What are SNAP benefits?

SNAP benefits are government assistance programs that help low-income families buy food.

How much can I receive in SNAP benefits?

The amount depends on your household size and income level.

When are SNAP benefits distributed?

Distribution dates vary by state and are scheduled monthly.

How do I qualify for SNAP benefits?

Qualification is based on income level and household size. Visit your local SNAP office for eligibility details.

Can I use SNAP benefits anywhere?

SNAP benefits can be used at authorized retailers that accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

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