July 2024 SSS Pension Dates Changed ! New Payment Dates and Pension Amount

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Turning 60 soon? Here’s everything you need to know about SSS pension dates for July 2024. Read on to understand the updates and ensure you don’t miss out on your pension payments.

What is SSS Pension?

SSS (Social Security System) provides pensions to Filipinos who have made at least 120 monthly contributions and reach 60 years of age. It’s crucial for retirees to plan their finances carefully, considering their overall financial situation and consulting professionals if needed.

SSS Pension Payment Dates 2024

Retirement pensioners can expect their payments on 29 July 2024. Payments are disbursed directly to registered bank accounts accessible via ATM cards, ensuring timely access to funds.

SSS Pension Eligibility

To qualify for SSS pension:

  • Applicants must retire at 60 without additional income sources.
  • At least 120 contributions must be made before retirement.
  • Forms must be submitted one month before turning 60.

SSS Pension Payment Amount 2024

Pensions can be received monthly or as a lump sum withdrawal. Monthly amounts vary based on contributions and age, with retirees receiving up to ₱18,495 per month. Update bank details via the SSS portal for seamless transactions.

How to Apply for SSS Pension

Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Visit the SSS official website and log in.
  2. Access your member account and choose “Submit Retirement Application” under E-Services.
  3. Verify personal details and employment history.
  4. Answer necessary questions and await approval.


1. What is the minimum age to receive SSS pension?

Retirement at 60 years old is required.

2. How are SSS pension payments disbursed?

Payments are credited directly to registered bank accounts.

3. Can pensioners receive their payments overseas?

Yes, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are eligible.

4. What if I have more than 120 contributions?

Additional contributions can potentially increase pension amounts.

5. How often are pension payments made?

Monthly payments are standard, ensuring continuous financial support.

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